About Scott

Scott is the father of two and the husband of one. His firstborn and heir to the throne is Oz, a strapping young man with a heart of gold and strength of an ox. Jax is second in line. He looks like a cherub and laughs like a villain. Scott’s lovely bride is Megan Michelle. She’s wicked awesome and proof of a loving God.

Scott fancies himself a great many things. Among them: enjoyer of the finer things, a man of the people and for the people, an inspiration to the masses, dashingly handsome, simple yet profound, a social media sensation, regarded by kings, a gentleman & scholar. But he’s actually just a pastor of student ministries in small town west Tennessee. He’s not the perfect father, but he’s reading lots of books. He’s not the perfect husband, but he listens to his wife’s suggestions… all of them… though they are many. He’s not the perfect employee, but he’s killer with spreadsheets. He’s not the perfect Christian, but is getting closer every day.

Through his writings, thoughts, and musings, he hopes to amuse, encourage, inspire, and challenge those who might need a little amusement, encouragement, inspiration, and challenge.

So sit back, good cavalier, and read on…



3 thoughts on “About Scott

  1. Scott I work at DCHS in the office we just want to thank you so much for the candy baskets today they really meant a lot to us just knowing someone was thinking about us this week. I have to say this has been one of the toughest weeks that I have ever encountered. I could not wait until that bell rung today so I could escape from the hundreds and hundreds phone calls that we have took this week. This week has totally drained me emotionally I didn’t realize how cruel this world really was but I have had eye opening this week I couldn’t have talked to my worst enemy the way we have been talked to this week. I would ask myself how could those so call Christians talk like this when they don’t even know the whole truth what went on in that classroom. I told my co-workers we need to pray for them because I know our God will get us thru this storm!! I honestly thought no one had thought about us this week until you walked through that door today and gave me the first encouraging words I have heard this week and I want to thank you so much because I really needed to hear them because I was sinking and I thanked God for sending you today to my rescue! Please continue to pray for DCHS today and days to come!!!!

    • Pam, my heart broke just thinking about what you all were having to deal with this last week. You’re an amazing group of people and I so appreciate everything you do for our students. My son Owen will be with you guys in 8 years and I can’t wait for him to be influenced by your care. Keep up the great work! And let me know if there’s anything I or the church can ever do for you!

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